Who we are

Nor-BioImaging was established in 2011 as the Norwegian national participant organization towards Euro-BioImaging.

From point of establishment, considerable investments have been made through Nor-BioImaging to integrate Norway as a partner in the​ ESFRI Euro-BioImaging infrastructure. In 2014, Norway signed the Memorandum of Understanding, a declaration of intent ensuring that Norway is to take the necessary steps to implement the Euro-BioImaging infrastructure. Nor-BioImaging is to uphold these obligations. 

Our goals

  • To upheld the Norwegian obligations to the Euro-BioImaging infrastructure as stated in the Memorandum of Understanding
  • To support the progression of Euro-BioImaging towards operation
  • To participate in the Interim Board, the decision-making body of Euro-BioImaging





Prof. Ole M Sejersted was chosen as the first leader of Nor-BioImaging. He is currently hosting the organization from University of Oslo, Faculty of Medicine - Institute of Clinical Medicine

The board

Name Affiliation
Ole Sejersted University of Oslo
Oddmund Bakke University of Oslo
Per Kristian Hol Oslo University Hospital
Frits Thorsen University of Bergen
Renate Grüner University of Bergen
Odd Helge Gilja Helse Bergen - Haukeland University Hospital
Catharina de Lande Davies NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Toril Hernes NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Olav Haraldseth St. Olavs Hospital
Lutz Eichacker University of Stavanger
Kathinka Kurz Helse Stavanger - Stavanger University Hospital
Torgil Vangberg University of Tromsø - The arctic university of Norway
Peter McCourt University of Tromsø - The arctic university of Norway
YeongKyeong Lee NMBU - Norwegian University of Life Sciences